Capitals and Zanette agree to put contract on ice

10 June 2016

Edinburgh Capitals and Paul Zanette have agreed to suspend the players contract for the 2016/17 season. 

The player has been advised that the legal process including an appeal will not be concluded until mid-late September at the earliest. The club and the player have agreed that it would be in everyone's interest to suspend the contract so that both parties can plan appropriately for the coming season.

Scott Neil said, "I really feel sorry for Paul.  If you know the man and the player, you know he has made an innocent mistake.  His circumstances are a lesson to all players that they have to be very careful to adhere to doping control procedures and rules.  He will be missed at the club this coming season, and we wish him well. 

Paul Zanette said, “In light of the timing and uncertainty of the appeal it was only fair that the club move forward with their recruitment plans without me. I want to thank the Edinburgh Capitals management, players, Supporters Club, and the rest of the loyal fans for all the support over the past year. I'm truly sorry things have unfolded this way"