Devils 7 Capitals 2 (League)

12 November 2017

Defending champions Cardiff extended their winning streak to six games with a strong performance against Edinburgh at Ice Arena Wales on Sunday evening.

Layne Ulmer opened the scoring after nine minutes, converting on the powerplay, before Justin Faryna made it 2-0 to the Devils just over three minutes later.

Edinburgh hit back through Marek Tvrdon just 57 seconds into the second period, but the two goal cushion was quickly restored by Faryna before Patrick Asselin found the back of the next midway through the period.

Captain Jake Morissette but Cardiff firmly in control before the end of the period, scoring the home side’s fifth goal of the evening.

The goals continued to come in the third period, Joey Martin scoring in the 49th minute before British defenceman Josh Batch hit the back of the net just over five minutes from the end.

Tvrdon would strike again in the closing minutes of the game, but it was little more than a consolation effort from the visiting Capitals.

PHOTO: Helen Brabon