Edinburgh Capitals recruitment support from Kasparaitis and Nikolishin

13 June 2017

Edinburgh Capitals Head Coach Dmitri Khristich has two very high profile names assisting with his player recruitment this summer, Darius Kasparaitis and Andrei Nikolishin.

Darius Kasparaitis was an Olympic Gold medal winner with Russia and played in a 15 year career in the NHL played in 863 NHL games for the NY Islanders, Pittsburgh Penguins and NY Rangers. As a player he was also a KHL All Star and spent time with St Petersburg as an Assistant Coach in the Russian league in 2010. His skill and toughness made him a very familiar name across the world.  

Andrei Nikolishin played 628 NHL games over a decade in the league with the majority spent in Washington with the Capitals, where he played alongside coach Dmitri Khristich. He too was also a KHL All Star and a won a World Championship with Russia during his international career. Nikolishin has also spent time as a Head Coach in the KHL.

Through their impressive careers both of these men have built a large network of contacts that can be used by Head Coach Dmitri Khristich to build a strong Edinburgh Capitals team going forward. 

Coach Khristich has agreed with Darius Kasparaitis that he will be cover recruitment from the North American region, whilst Andrei Nikoloshin will be covering the Russian region. This will leave coach Khristich to focus on scouring Europe for the best signings for the club. The Edinburgh Capitals now have three players who in total have well over 2200 NHL games combined scouring the world for the best players to join our club this summer.  

Dmitri Khristich commented, "It is an honour to have two of my friends helping me in my new role. We will work together to find the right players for the club and we now have eyes in three different regions sourcing the best players we can to build a strong Edinburgh Capitals squad for next season."