Kevin Forshall back for 17th season

24 July 2017

The Capitals welcome long term servant to the club, 33 year old netminder Kevin Forshall, back for his 17th season with the club.

Neminder Kevin Forshall has been with the Capitals since 2000 and has remained loyal to the Capitals ever since as a one club man, a rarity in hockey. Through the years he has represented the club in the Scottish National League, British National League and the Elite Ice Hockey League.

Kevin has been a hugely loyal servant to the club, ready to ice when called upon. That loyalty and attitude has seen Kevin become a hugely popular figure at the Capitals. This season Kevin becomes the third netminder on the clubs roster following the signings of new number one Pavel Shegalo, and young prospect Jordan McLaughlin.

Kevin’s role at the club will encompass remaining a valuable asset as a player, available to ice when called upon, with an increased focus on passing on experience to aid 17 year old Edinburgh Academy player Jordan McLaughlin’s development.  

On signing, Kevin said “Anyone who knows me knows I love hockey and this club. I’ve been given a chance to sign this season but whilst it’s tough, I know it’s time to step to the side and let the younger generation through. With the birth of my daughter Layla last year and my family commitments it feels the right time, but I’ll still be part of the team. I’ll be pushing myself hard and focussing on practices whilst using my experience to help Jordan. I’ll also work with our Brits, taking them to the gym and helping them with work out routines and meal plans. Anything I can do to help the young players as they develop will be great experience for me and hopefully help the team. I’ll be there if needed to step on to the ice, that’s the coach’s decision, but I have to say I am really looking forward to working with Jordan. He is someone with a ton of potential.”

General Manager Scott Neil said “Kevin has been a remarkable servant to the club over the years and he is often overlooked and underappreciated for his effort and dedication. He has been very unselfish, understanding and supportive in helping the team take the opportunity to develop Jordan McLaughlin this season and his continued flexibility in this period of transition greatly benefits the team going forward.”