New Face Off Rules from this weekend

06 November 2017

Below are the new face off rules that EIHL officials will be upholding from this weekend.

2017-2018 IIHF Officiating Standard FACEOFF STANDARD

The IIHF, after reviewing the quality of the faceoffs in IIHF competitions has concluded that the following violations of faceoff procedure have become far too common by skaters participating in faceoffs:

The centres do not correctly position their skates correctly on the ice as provided by the faceoff markings in the end zone faceoff circles;

The centres participating in faceoffs do not position themselves squarely facing his opponent’s end of the rink;

The opposing centres lean in over the faceoff spot such that their heads are side by side, almost ear to ear which make it impossible for Linesman to conduct fair and good quality faceoffs;

The sticks of the centres are not placed on the ice and are in motion before the drop of the puck;

The defending team centre goes down on one or both knees while taking the faceoff.

At the upcoming IIHF competitions, the IIHF Linesmen will be instructed to enforce faceoff procedure according to the IIHF Official Rule Book.


Before dropping the puck, the Linesman must be sure that the centres are:

Positioned squarely facing his opponent’s end of the rink

Approximately one stick length apart from each other

Tip of the stick blade stationary on the white part of faceoff spot

Skates are behind the ice marking in the end zone face off circles

Is not encroaching into his opponent’s “space” over the mid-way point of the faceoffspot with any part of his body

The Linesmen should ensure that centre do not encroach across the mid-way point of faceoff spot into their opponent’s “space”. If he does so, the Linesman should verbally instruct him to comply, and if he fails to do so, eject him from the faceoff.

If both centres lean in over the faceoff spot creating helmet-to-helmet contact the Linesman should immediately eject the centre that is responsible for the helmet-to-helmet contact. If he cannot differentiate between centres as to which one was most responsible, eject both centres.

2017-2018 IIHF Officiating Standard RULE 59 – FALSE FACEOFFS

If one or both centres taking the faceoff, fail to take their proper position immediately when directed to do so, the Linesman should replace him or them for a teammate on the ice.

After rejecting the centre from the faceoff, the Linesman should warn his teammate that the second violation of the faceoff procedure will result in a Bench Minor Penalty for the delay of the game

Linesman can eject the replacement centre from the faceoff should he violate faceoff procedure rules. If the linesman ejected the replacement centre from the face- off, the Referee should assess the offending team a Bench Minor Penalty for delay of the game for a second faceoff violation during the same faceoff.

The enforcement of the faceoff procedure will be included in the agenda of Head Coaches Rule Information Meeting (HCRIM) and reviewed with the assigned IIHF Game Officials at the first meeting prior to the start of the respective IIHF competition.