New Fans

Are you new to ice hockey?

Every season the Capitals welcome new fans who have taken advantage of an offer, seen an advertisement, or through word of mouth have decided to give our amazing sport "a try". With that in mind, here's a helpful overview of everything you may need to know about your night with the Capitals! Home games are usually on Sundays, facing off time is normally 6pm. We do however play on some Saturday's and the very occasional mid-week fixture, so it's best if you keep a close eye on the fixture list.  

You can buy a ticket in advance in order to secure the best seats available and avoid queues here: or you can pay on the night. After purchasing your ticket you'll be able to print it out and show it at the door as you enter the game. 

We play our Home games at Murrayfield Ice Rink and the doors open ONE HOUR before face off. At that point the players will warm up on the ice, before he Zamboni (ice cleaner) will then clear the ice ready for face off. 

The Capitals line up on their blue line (goal line) pre-game and are introduced one by one to allow fans to show their appreciation. The game is then set to begin, three periods of 20 minutes, and if needed, overtime and finally penalty shots if a winner cant be decided in regulation. 

Ice Hockey spectator tips & etiquette:

  • If you need to leave your seat during play, wait until a break (normally every 30-60 seconds) so as not to obscure others views
  • Keep your eye on the puck through the game. Whilst the puck normally stays on the ice, and there is plexi glass and netting as protection, the puck will occasionally stray in to the stands - so keep your eyes peeled.
  • Feel free to take photos but just make sure the flash is off on your camera or phone - a flash may put a player off mid-play,
  • Ice hockey is a fast, skilled and aggressive sport. At times it can get heated on the ice, however the sport is renowned for its friendliness off of it. Help us sell our club and sport as being family friendly and welcoming of all who love our sport. You'll often see #hockeyfamily quoted. Once the game ends, fans come together.
  • If a player is injured you'll notice the crowd (should) remain silent, when the player rises they'll be clapped off the ice...again, it's another nice touch about ice hockey.  

If you're confused then you can either ask a matchnight steward (high-viz jacket) for help, or visit our fantastic supporters club table between periods (table opposite merchandise table) and they’ll be happy to explain anything you need.

Food and Drink:
There is a cafe selling pies, sausage rolls and our favourite, STOVIES. There are also a number of vending machines located as you enter the rink selling sweets, crisps, coffee, tea and soup. There is a bar within the rink but please note alcohol is not allowed out with the bar area. The bar can be accessed from a door on the left hand side of the ice rink as you walk towards the front entrance.

Our merchandise table is well stocked with amongst many other items scarves, mugs, soft toys, pucks, car scarves and of course you can purchase replica shirts there which you can personalise (number and name). You can also purchase items online any time at:

Prizes: Why dont you look to win a prize on your visit!

  • We sell 50/50 tickets where half the money raised goes to the club, the other half goes to one lucky winner each night. Tickets are just £1
  • We also sell Shirt Raffle tickets where for just £1 a ticket you are in with a chance of winning an Edinburgh Capitals jersey!
  • Why dont you Chuck-A-Puck between the 2nd and 3rd periods to win a prize. Pucks can be bought from the Supporters Club table for £1

Player signings:
Most players will happily sign something for you if approached, but our supporters club also regularly hold signing sessions after games so look out for advertisements at the supporters club table, on social media or in the programme. 

Keep up to date: 

All the latest news, interviews and updates can be found on:


And download our Edinburgh Capitals APP - an essential for Caps fans with live score updates, game time stats and Caps breaking news: 

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Now that you have discovered ice hockey and the Edinburgh Capitals, we are pretty certain you will fall in love with the sport and our club/fans. Enjoy the game and welcome to ice hockey!