Edinburgh Capitals implement new board structure

21 March 2018

The club has spent the last few months working on a major change in structure which will help it develop and create a stronger future.

This new structure is something that should have been put in place some time ago. There is no hiding the fact that mistakes have been made. This new structure will see a major change in the management of the club as it rebuilds.

The club will now be managed by the Edinburgh Capitals Board which will have investors and representatives, from several business areas and professions, who will meet on a monthly basis. The Edinburgh Capitals Board have committed to a significant level of investment and are ready to begin implementing a robust business plan and stronger roster for next season.

Scott Neil will remain at the club in a role as Head of Hockey Operations and will also attend the Edinburgh Capitals and Elite League Board meetings.

Workload will be spread across the Board members and will significantly enhance the time, resource, skills and experience required to manage a professional ice hockey club. The Edinburgh Capitals Board gives the benefit of a wide range of business knowledge to move the sport forward in the city.

The board will also include a member of the Edinburgh Capitals Supporters Club (appointed by the ECSC) as well as a Fan Representative (someone with no ties to the club in terms of volunteering or working). These two board members would bring ideas and a different perspective to decisions and this new access will allow the Capitals to have far greater transparency in the way in which the club is run. It is the first step in earning back trust from Edinburgh Capitals fans.

Initial board members will be the people named below, with other established businessmen to be added to the board shortly and the creation of sub committees to support the main board:

  • Ross McKay (Chartered Accountant)
  • ​Douglas Jaap (Solicitor)
  • Alex Robertson
  • George Ferdinando
  • Kris Grabowski (Fan Representative)
  • Blyth Crawford (Supporters Club Representative)

The Edinburgh Capitals Board hope that over time this will help renew the close bond between club and fans, which has been a major part of the club’s identity in the past.

The Edinburgh Capitals Board are committed to bringing the fans competitive Elite League hockey next year with a strong roster of players and a club they can be proud of once again.