Hands Off Our Caps

12 April 2018

Edinburgh Capitals are battling to retain Elite Ice Hockey League hockey in our city.

We are the only club who has the full backing of the Elite Ice Hockey League to bring you professional ice hockey in Edinburgh going forwards. We face a rival bid for ice time and be in no doubt the future of professional ice hockey in Edinburgh is at stake.

The rival bid does not have EIHL approval and is gambling on removing the Edinburgh Capitals and attempting to enter the league. We have a guaranteed position and do not need to “apply”, a process which brings a huge amount of risk.

There is a very real chance that should we not be part of EIHL season 2018/19there will be no professional hockey in Edinburgh not just next year, but for years to come. This is not scare mongering, it is a fact. As your only Edinburgh Elite League franchise we have built a strong business case for next season.