Pawz The Lion Returns

Edinburgh Capitals are delighted to announce the return of the greatest mascot, Pawz the Lion, for the 2022-23 SNL campaign.

Pawz is a LEGEND here in Edinburgh and has been with the Capitals organisation since day one, away back in 1998. Over the years, Pawz has grown to be one of the most loved mascots in British Ice Hockey and adored by fans around the UK.

Since the Capitals last graced the ice here at Murrayfield Ice Arena in 2018, Pawz has been working hard on his dance moves and preparing himself for the day he would return to cheer on his favourite team.

Pawz is ecstatic to be back and would like to share some happy roars with you all. “I cannot wait to get back to the Lion’s Den and see all our great fans again! By the time the season starts, I will have the best dance moves in SNL hockey. I’m looking forward to catching up with all of the mascots from the other teams in the league but be under no illusion as there is only room for one top cat – and that’s me! Anyway, time to dash, I need to get my mane combed so I look handsome for all of my photoshoots coming up! RAAAAAWWWWWWRRRRR.”

Head Coach Steven Lynch is also over the moon with the signing of Pawz. “We know that the roar from the Caps fans will create an amazing atmosphere this season which will support the team out there on the ice. If anyone can get the fans roaring, it’s Pawz! I’ve known Pawz since I played with the club so that shows just how loyal he really is!”

Welcome home Pawz! It’s great to have you back!

More signings will be announced in the days to come.


Photo: Rob Smith